Jesco Denzel – Daigul Hussainkheih

Daigul Hussainkheih, nicknamed Commando due to his former job in the Afghan Army, during his afternoon prayer in an abandoned metal factory in Bihac. There are not enough places in the IOM camps in Bihac. Migrants squat here until they try what they call ‚The Game‘ – the attempt to cross the border to Croatia which often leads to violent pushbacks by Croatian Police

Bihac, 2020
Fine Art Print (Digigraphie®)

40 x 60 cm², im Rahmen 50 x 70 cm²
limitierte Auflage: 5 Exemplare

Festpreis 800 €

20 x 30 cm², mit Rand 24 x 34 cm², ohne Rahmen
limitierte Auflage: 10 Exemplare
Festpreis 66 €

Jesco Denzel

Geboren 1972 in Bremen
freier Fotograf
seit 2010 Offizieller Fotograf der Bundesregierung
2018 World Press Photo Award (Zeitgeschehen, Einzelbilder)